Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mill Avenue on

Don't know what that is? Don't worry about it. Just take thy mouse and click it for the movie. Click it hard, baby.

The best part about this entire thing is that Lawrence is in it. I love that man.

I am so going to go to the Graffiti Shop to see if Israel's name is still there on the floor. This had to be rather recent. Excuse the girl, I think that she's just barely getting into this or something, she's hamming it up way too much, and it sounds forced.

However, for anyone who really wants a visit and a look at Mill Avenue who hasn't had a chance—and hasn't had to sit through me babbling about it—can get a look at some of the sights and sounds. Mind, only one of the best sights and sounds (that'd be Lawrence) but enough to give a little bit of a feel for the place.

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