Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hello Cory aka I get strange at 2a.m.

Introducing Hello Cory by Kyt Dotson. Thou can find the full text over at Vexations.

Here's a small snip of the text:

That’s when I saw him. An uncanny wind kicked up, blowing dust and desert debris across the road and caught his crimson cape with an almost-superhero snapshot pose as he leaned into the gale.

He saw me, waved, and managed a shrill cab-call whistle. Having turned to face me, I could see that aside from the dashing red cape, he also wore a pair of blue goggles. Even if I had considered passing him up, the sheer novelty of his costume compelled me to pull to a stop only a few car lengths past.

The radio, which had been playing something guttural and death-metal on my drive out of AJ, abruptly switched to a piano ditty that reminded me of a Prohibition era Speakeasy riddled with the pops and cracks of static. The door opened and entered my newest fare—goggles pushed up onto his broad forehead, now nestled in his close-cut hair and red cape yanked in as he closed the door against the night.

“I couldn’t help but notice,” he said, “that you have an EFF sticker on the back of your cab.”

Link, via Mill Avenue Vexations

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