Thursday, November 15, 2007

Special Edition Volume 5 Booklets In

We have just gotten in a small supply of full color Mill Avenue Vexations Volume 5: Drum Circle booklets. There is a very limited supply, and these are essentially special editions in that I am going to sell them to interested parties for a notable sum ($10 which is certainly more than I sell normal booklets.) This is primarily so that I can recoup some of the cost for printing usual volumes, since 90% of the cost will go to future booklet printing runs anyway (whereas part of the price might just get me soda or something.)

Must feed book habit!

Also, I notice that I totally neglected to announce the release of Volume 5 on this blog. How dreadful of me. Although, I have a feeling that most readers of this blog already know about it (from regularly visiting the Vexations News blog, hint hint) but I shouldn’t leave the wholesome few who keep this on their lists.

So. Even though the very-next-announcement will probably be about Volume 6… Mill Avenue Vexations Volume 5: Drum Circle by Kyt Dotson has been released to print, to PDF e-book, and to the web! Featuring our rising star taxicab driver, Vex Harrow, and all manner of misfortune due to hit the metropolitan area of Tempe and Phoenix. This volume also loudly features the Mill Ave drum circle (in one chapter) in order to give readers a clear view of the geography and the social makeup of the setting.

Liberal sprinkling of poetic license reserved by the author.

The extremely lovely cover featured is by Nicole Cardiff, and this isn’t the first time Vexations has had artwork by her (she also did the cover for The Byzantium Outcast.) With new, and beautiful, chapter illustrations by Alan Gallo.

Keep a look out for Vexations Volume 6 and the Seasons collectable cards.


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