Thursday, January 27, 2011

Green Dragon Inn: Archaeology in World of Warcraft

the-innkeepers-daughter-300x300 For anyone who happens to actually level their archaeology secondary trade skill in World of Warcraft may like this little reminiscence on how it’s being handled in game.

In abstract: it’s too OCD for me.

Now, when archaeology actually got released into the game it came to me as a little bit of a disappointment. I expected to see another glyph-like system based around it, so-called “Paths of the Titans” at the time which filled me which much glee. The chance to find other ways of tweaking my characters both after they’d reached their level 85 pinnacle or during their careers as rising stars really appealed to me. Then, when it finally came to fruition, I’d learned too late that Paths of the Titans had been scrapped and what I got in its stead is the old hitting rocks and…playing a game of hot-or-cold?

Link, via Green Dragon Inn.

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