Friday, January 28, 2011

Lucent Heart Beta: First Impressions

lucent-heart-thumb Impressions?

Lucent Hearts is a cutesy anime game that has a closed beta right now (very closed from what I saw) but the world is certainly already full of stuff.

Much of the initial game revolves around picking your astrological sign—in fact, the character creation involves delivering your birth date so that it can pick your astrological sign. (In my case, it’s Gemini.) Also, like many Asian-style cultures you can give your blood-type as that’s often connected to mysticism about personality.

In game, these elements build together in order to create a romantic matching system so that players can find “soul mates.” After people pair up, they’re able to gain a type of relationship points, which they can turn into temporary buffs, special items, and when a person plays with a soul mate in game they both earn experience together faster.

In fact, a great deal of the game seems to be written around anime romance. Just watch the trailer on the official site and you’ll see a dungeon group get wiped out at a boss—but the hero sees his life flash before him, and his time with friends with a romantic interlude, and he stands tall with a rush of emotion.

Rather like the Power Of Love fiction trope.

A bit of the game also seems to be centered around emotions.

I’ll know more as I get deeper into the game.

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