Sunday, February 19, 2006

Podcasts - Because I feel like it.

Okay, so I figured that I needed to put this one out there for people, but I have found some awesome podcats in my recent foray into that culture.

One that I love in particular is The Ungodly Hour. Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls. I mean that. Visit that link and subscribe. They play a beautiful mixture of Gothic, Industrial, EBM, and other elements that I find extremely worthwhile. I found them looking for Gothy podcasts so that I could fulfill my music quota for the long, boring days.

I cannot give enough props to these guys. Each show is about three hours long, between the music they hold sessions of real, interesting talk -- so far about the news and other extremely fun babble.

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1 comment:

LadyDev said...

Hey... I just saw this. Thank you for promoting our li'l show. =) xoxo