Sunday, July 06, 2008

Circle Dark Suspends Operations

Well, that's the chops in the deep-down-dark world of Internet publishing. I suppose that this means current rights to my "Step On It" story have switched back to me... But it also means that nobody can read it for the time being. I posted as much about this on Mill Avenue Vexations, but it's hard to put my finger on how it makes me feel.

Even though first-publication is already over, I am going to keep casting about looking for placement in the strange dark universe of gothic fiction.

I guess this means I should take down my advertisement for Twilight & Thorns. Ah, so sad.

I do like them, they did pay me considerably more than I expected to receive from any venue for my work.

More news to come. I am commissioning artwork for Vexations and things go on. Take a wander over to the site and see what's going on... Next year has a line up of four (4) booklets already!

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