Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mama Mia

Apparently I know a lot more Abba songs than I originally thought I knew. A certain number of the bands that I like to listen to nowadays cover them with constant proficiency…

This movie was a strange romp through musical-land that left me staring in blank horror at times and snickering through my sleeve at other times. A lot of the songs felt forced, like the scene was designed deliberately to fit the music that was about to flow into it—but for the most part it was fun an amusing.

This movie definitely kept my attention to the end.

Also, Pierce Brosnan singing felt really strange.

My editor, Djen, believes that it would have been a much better movie if the main character’s mother and her friends had been played instead by drag queens. I don’t know that I entirely agree, but it would have definitely lend a better handle onto the surreal quality of the story.

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