Saturday, July 12, 2008

Seasons by Kyt Dotson and Sanjana Baijnath Now Online

I figured that I would show off my newest setup on the web. I did post these each individually a while back, but now I have made sure that they have an actual home on the web. There is a news item on the Vexations blog about this subject.

The series consists of four stories--very short stories. Each one is written in the second person and sits next to an image depicting the season. Autumn, Winter, Springtime, and Summer. The stories are a cycle, they have no beginning and no end, but if read in the order of the seasons tell an entire narrative.

The beautiful artwork is painted by Sanjana Baijnath; the text written by Kyt Dotson. One of the images has even become famous, and a print is available for those who want to buy them: Vex Harrow Autumn.

It was a great deal of fun to create, the artwork is gorgeous; if you haven't read it before go check it out now.

Mill Avenue Vexations Seasons.

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