Thursday, July 17, 2008

Join Best Friends to Ask the Obamas to Adopt a Family Dog

Too cute to pass up. With elections on our doorstep and the terrible mud-slinging starting, there is at least some ways to get a wedge into the political system and find some sort of cuddly interest. Here it is.

Best Friends Petition to ask the Ombama family to adopt a family dog instead of buying one from a retail store or a puppy mill.

Pet overpopulation in the United States is a strange and unruly problem. It falls outside the gaze of the everyday American because it's not as direct and potent as crime, or the Iraq war, rising fuel costs, and myriad other concerns that bleat and blare in our fast-tracked lives.

But, it is in the lest noticed of our responsibilities that true character can be found.

(via PETS 911)

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