Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Burger King unleashes a cologne for men

As if we didn’t think that the Burger King In Yellow was creepy enough (see a short story on this subject) Burger King has decided to take the uncanny and weird to a totally new level:

A Burger King cologne.

Just in time for the festive season, the company has released its very own men's body spray, Flame.

Not recommended for vegetarians, Flame is being promoted as "the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat".

While the smell itself might not inspire confidence, the price will.

Flame is on sale for the credit crunch-busting sum of just $3.99 (£2.65), suggesting the Burger King promotions department has realised their contribution to the fragrance market might work best as a novelty stocking-filler.

Flame, a body spray for men, was launched this week online and in a selection of US stores – it is sadly not available in the UK, and now even has its own website, the appropriately named

I like meat as much as the next elf on the street, in fact being an entire race who love the thrill of the hunt, it’s rather in our blood, but—there is a point at which I do draw the line. That’s generally when I smell like meat. Not just the sweaty, rushing, blood-throbbing meat that we fell in the woods, but the succulent, cooked food that sits on a plate waiting for a fork to stab into its juicy center.

Yes. I do have a badge that asks people to please not eat me!

So this isn’t high on my list of scents that I would want to wear.

Link, via the Telegraph UK.

Afterthoughts: So, when is Burger King coming out with a scent that smells like French fries?

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