Thursday, December 04, 2008


A post in which I realize that yesterday, I spoke too soon.

Vox ex Machina just got linked out of Slashdot—fortunately, the sky has not fallen (yet) because the article we were linked out of happens to be collapsed.

Apparently the post walked right into a firestorm of discussion about the direction Funcom has been going with Age of Conan. Concerns about the company remaining in business are bristling with a community that survived a horrible beta release process of the MMO.

For those interested the article in question is on Vox ex Machina entitled, Age of Conan: How an MMORPG Dies.

For one, I found one particular post on Slashdot to reflect my own thoughts on this matter:

Honestly, I'm far more concerned with the fate of The Longest Journey, one of their other franchises.

The original was one of the greatest point-and-click adventure games of all time. The sequel was okay, but left too many unanswered questions. The original left the door open, of course, but it also told a complete story with a real ending.

From the Elrond, Duke of URL.

The Longest Journey is one of my favorite Adventure franchises ever. The releases are very slow, but the story is stunningly compelling, beautiful, and heartbreaking—the last one actually drove me to tears over something I already knew was coming. I hope that even if Funcom suffers from their poorly accepted MMO that they won't then collapse under their own weight.

The worldwide economic recession aside.

On the server front, looks like the berserk traffic that tore down my server yesterday is going to continue pretty much for a while. I am right now working out moving the site to a different, more stable server.

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