Thursday, December 11, 2008

Webcomic review: Dead or Worse

We’ve been officers; we’ve been grifters. We’ve been rich; we’ve been poor. We’ve been the thick, the thin, and even the watered down—but never the booze. When you can’t shake the dust from your boots or the blood from your knuckles you know that you have it bad. You have it so deep in your soul you just can’t separate the man from the frontier.

Every new town, a new angle.

Dead or Worse is a studied frame of the Old West and the people who lived there. Following a pair of ne’er-do-well friends who play out the grand art of pugilism for a living. Drinking their wages out of the fight purses and winnings.

Sometimes the light is right, the cut of the other fighter’s jaw is direct in line, and down he goes in the third round to a cheering crowd—

And sometimes, things don’t quite go as planned.

So everybody’s got a goddamned angle?

Then again, sometimes you can get it so bad you can’t separate the man from the angle.

If you like Westerns, you like pugilism, wit, and friendship forged through steel and bruised knuckles. This webcomic is for you.

Dead or Worse: THE ANGLES by Luis Boisvert and Brendan Peveril.

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