Monday, July 13, 2009

Bookworms, chuzzles, and – RPGs?

Well, I’ve been working slowly on Crime Scene Unit Obscura for my wonderful kaywng and also on the next season of Mill Avenue Vexations. That’s the writing front. However, other things have been going down.

Such as my very own review of Chuzzle Deluxe by Popcap Games for Vox ex Machina. Now, I’ve also been playing Fate II, another tiny game downloadable and playable—but really, the one that is catching my attention right now is one about a Bookworm.

Apparently, over at Popcap there is an RPG that involves spelling and a role playing game. I’ll update everyone on how that goes.

In between collecting delicious chuzzle eyeballs and beating down waves of enemies Gauntlet style in Fate II.

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