Friday, July 17, 2009

Thunder over Michigan, no kidding

Yesterday our house was buzzed multiple times by extremely loud, low flying jets. At least they looked like fighter jets. Not complaining, exactly, it’s not like they were doing these maneuvers during the early morning (afternoon really.) I just figured I’d like everyone know what I discovered about what might have been going on.

One of my flatemates figured that it involved Willow Run Airport, an airstrip within jet distance, showing off their wares. Then, today, I started looking into more things happening there and I discovered an airshow happening soon called Thunder Over Michigan.

You can check out the air museum's four-engine B-17 and twin-engine B-25 -- along with many other aircraft -- during Thunder over Michigan at Willow Run Airport.

The highlight of the event will be demonstrations by the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels. The precision flight team will be making its only Michigan appearance of the summer. There also will be a salute to Vietnam War veterans and re-enactments of events from World War II and Vietnam.

Now, as to why articles like the above refuse to put dates (it does say Saturday and Sunday, but it would be nice if there was something like July 17, 2009.) And I don’t understand why a lot of online newspapers simply refuse to link their sources. Sure, the URL is on there, but it’s not hot linked. Deliberate? Very likely.

Why don’t they just get over themselves, hot link in articles, just activate “open in new window” with target=“_blank” or something and stop annoying users with bad Internet etiquette? Please.

Link, via the Free Press about the upcoming Thunder Over Michigan Airshow.

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