Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Horizon Realty puts foot in mouth, then swallows leg

In a snafu that only the RIAA and MPAA could have topped, Horizon Realty of Chicago have managed to stir up a tweetstorm of negative sentiment in a PR disaster where they took a single tweet by a disgruntled ex-tenant and threatened to sue her.

I am here not only to add my 2¢, but to glom my blog post into the snowball.

This from the best blog post on the subject:

The Chicago Sun-Times reported yesterday that Horizon Group Management LLC, an apartment leasing and management company, has filed a libel suit against former tenant Amanda Bonnen.

Apparently Ms. Bonnen sent out a Tweet on May 12 that read in part:

“Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it’s okay.”

Horizon Realty Group didn’t like that, and has filed suit.

And then, in the most brilliant glaring PR error ever, Chicago’s Horizon Realty Group make a statement to the effect of, “We’re a sue first, ask questions later kind of an organization.

Is that a whoops or a WTF?

Link, via The Phoenix Real Estate Guy, and article, via the Chicago Sun-Times.

(Did I actually say “tweetstorm” above?)

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