Monday, July 27, 2009

Project Wonderful fun

Well, my registration for publishing ad space on my newest webserial, Black Hat Magick, went through. So things are looking good. Certainly, it may take some time to get enough notice to make even a few cents a day—but, hell, anything is going to be helpful to pay for hosting and other things.

I just started into Chapter 8: Vote Early this week; this is where things get a little bit fun, I’m playing around with the concept of student elections. I even got a kind and wonderful comment!

Think the story is ghostbuster-esque?

I just realized that, in fact, I don’t have any jokes in the story from Ghost Busters! What am I doing ignoring such an important icon of geekdom? I must rectify this situation.

Now, I just need to convince people to review the story on Web Fiction Guide

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