Friday, November 07, 2008

Cayman Islands vs. Hurricane Paloma

After seeing Ike do his business I’ve been wondering if we could do without hurricanes ruining our everyday news. But no, Paloma has come off the ropes and is rushing right for Florida, by way of the Cayman Islands. I think it’s probably a tourist.

The best news that I’ve seen on this so far is from the Associated Press, Hurricane Paloma Heads for the Cayman Islands (is it just me or is Google just awesome for things like this? I wonder how the newspapers feel.) Is it just me, or didn't Cuba get a hammering two months ago already?

Ah yes, the Spanish Main—the northern part at least—it used to be a haven for the Golden Age of Piracy, but then as pirates began to vanish from the seas, the Flying Spaghetti Monster began to warm our planet. And now that area, once the great demesne of pirate folk, swallows the brunt of that wrath.

(I just had to sneak a Helljammer reference in.)

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