Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just a reminder: Flu season

People may not think on it much, but heart-failure patients like myself are constantly keenly reminded of our own mortality come doctor’s visits—and especially flu season. So when this time of year starts rolling around, and people haven’t gotten their flu shots… Well, notice gets made.

It’s not just that I have to wade through all of my conspiracy theory friends who expect that the flu shots have some sort of alien or shadow-government hand on our throats. But, influenza is something of a annual problem, and it’s hotspots can be bad.

Worse, the illness can put those of us with little or no immune system in the hospital quicker than anything.

Oh yeah, and Google has released a wacky little app that tracks flu trends, who saw that coming?

No, it is not called Flugle. One good thing that it does do, however, is throw up listings of flu vaccine locations.

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