Friday, November 07, 2008

Of Presidents and dogs

Hm. I'm just over here, this beautiful Friday when I accidentally forgot the power cable to my laptop when I went to work; thus cutting short my entire day... I've been thinking about something that came out of the recent election, which was part of Obama's acceptance speech he spoke about getting a puppy.

Also, taking into account that one of his daughters, like me, is asthmatic, I threw up a post to this effect over at the brand new PETS 911 Animal Crossroads blog.

First Dogs go so far back that there is a museum for them! Now that's some weird obsession. I wonder what kind of archivists they employ. Think about it, do they keep letters to the dogs? Vet records? Pictures, x-rays, press clippings?

Well. If the Presidents get a museum, why not their dogs.

Link to Obamas to choose First Dog, hopefully shelter adoption.

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