Monday, November 03, 2008

The Vision of St. Bruno

There’s an interesting Internet story running around right now about a beautiful painting by Italian master painter Sebastiano Ricci, “The Vision of St. Bruno.” Presumed lost, but no more. Of all the places to rediscover fine art: Dallas Texas.

An Associated Press article on the subject says that it’s estimated worth could fetch it more than $600,000 dollars! The vision is quite impressive, to say the least. A depiction of angels and a man staring skyward. And quite a find too.

His work is well-known in European circles from the early 18th century when he worked for most of the major courtly affairs between both London and Venice. His resume includes such establishments as the Royal French Academy of Painting and Sculpture.

This one struck a chord with me when I read about it because I have a friend named Bruno.

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