Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Recipe for a lovely cassoulet

Yes, thou read that right. I am talking about a word that for some reason has become the nom de guerre meme of the election of our next President, Barak Obama. A stew.

According to a blog in the Dallas Morning News it was seen in Times Square on a sign. Some seem to be positing that it is, in all essence, a hearken to the great Melting Pot of America—although it’s a reference to a French ban stew—and others want to suggest that it is “elitist.”

Elitism, the so-called language of war used against the new controlling party instead of the word “liberal” has become a poorly chosen rallying cry over the past few weeks. Whispered, as if people are trying to give the word some significance beyond the quotidian meaning of “expert of a field.”

It’s beef stew. The stuff that the everyday person eats. Obama took to the field with the words, “I need your help. I will listen to you—especially, most especially when we disagree.” He may be so far above the everyman. No politician is the everyman, they are in essence a person who has walked out of the everyman and become something else; but something that they can be is an ear for the people.

Sir, I expect thee to keep to these promises. Listen to the people and be our representative to the world at large.

Good luck.

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