Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Twittering VoteReport

Advances to the Internet have brought on new and interesting technologies. One in particular that I find interesting is the Twitter VoteReport among others. I will be following on #votereport.

I hope to see thee as well!

Also, for a fun visualization that scrolls around a map to pop up messages, check out Twittervison's Election section. Oh that rhymes.

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Simon Owens said...

Yeah, the Twitter Vote Report is a pretty cool way of aggregating the election day twitter data. I've been working on a similar election project that utilizes Twitter: Freshly Squeezed Tweets. It aggregates tweets like Twitter Vote Report, but it creates a more abstract visualization of the aggregate conversation on Twitter showing frequency and context of election-related words. The site will pull a continuous stream of tweets mentioning Obama and McCain, representing the most-used terms as a series of bubbles. The bigger the "bubble" the more frequently the term is being used. You can hover over each word to see a graphical breakdown of each word's use.